Behind Fitproactive is a simple idea: be fit and be proactive. Fitproactive, is an elite in-home personal training and wellness coaching company in New York City, that allows you to achieve your goals and maintain a fit and balanced life, while focusing on the importance of form and proper exercise techniques.

At Fitproactive, we understand that time is precious and we have to make the most out of it. Unlike traditional gyms that require a commute and force you to adjust to their hours, Fitproactive offers personal training programs that accommodate your location, schedule, and needs ensuring that WE make time for your workout.


Vision:  Empowering YOU to make positive health choices by incorporating fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle.

Mission: To help our clients achieve their fitness goals by integrating dynamic personal training with individually customized support from a certified health coach. At Fitproactive, we believe in empowering our clients by creating awareness of their bodies and giving them the necessary tools to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Be Fit. Be Proactive.

Values: Reliable, Dynamic, Professional, Convenient and Empowerment

About Ergi Shehu

Ergi Shehu Personal Trainer New York City and LIC

Creator of Fitproactive, Ergi Shehu is a fitness, health and nutrition expert living in New York City. Ergi is a certified personal trainer by  the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) with over 10 years of experience. Because Ergi saw a need for personal trainers that really accommodated to their clients busy schedules and needs, he created Fitproactive. After years of experience and as the company grew in size, Ergi realized that in order for his clients to achieve success and maintain an overall healthy balanced lifestyle, he needed to bring other health and wellness professionals to his team in order to provide a full integrated approach to his clients.

Working on individual basis, Ergi’s main focus is to ensure correct form, while performing challenging workouts that constantly improve his clients fitness and health levels. Ergi’s areas of expertise are weight management, strength training, postural correction, and functional training. 

When he is not working or helping his clients, Ergi is usually hanging out by the Long Island City water view or riding his bike around the neighborhood.  He loves to support local businesses, and socializing with all the members of the Long Island City community.