knee high hiit workout by fitproactive peronal trainers in long island city

It is Wednesday's and since it rhymes with our Workout Wednesday's theme, we figured you would like that extra cardio+abs morning session! We recommend that beginners start with 3 sets, intermediate level 4 sets, and advanced 6 sets! You can always start building endurance and slowly increase the amounts of sets every week. Make sure you rest 1 min in between sets.

10 burpees

15 push ups

20 mountain climbers

30 bicycle crunch

40 knee highs

35 sec plank

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Cut the Curls: 3 Triceps Workouts You Need to be Doing

rope pull down for tricep workout the biggest muscle arm

Time To Start Working Out The Biggest Muscle In Your Arms: Let's Hit Those Triceps

Contrary to popular belief, doing one million curls won’t give you the killer arms you’re looking for. The truth is that triceps are the under appreciated and underutilized arm muscles. Along with giving you enviable arms, strong triceps will allow you to perform effective shoulder, chest and back workouts.

The next time you think about skipping triceps, remember that they are the biggest muscle in your arm (about 2/3 of your arm!) and you won’t be able to get those big (or toned) arms without the proper workout!

These triceps workouts can either be done alone, or paired up with a back or leg workout. Since most men want to increase mass, I recommend 3 sets, 8-10 reps with a 1 min break in between each set. For women, since most want strong but lean arms (so their arm doesn’t jiggle when they wave), I recommend 3 sets , 12-15 reps with a 45 sec break in between each set.

 To make sure you are comfortable at the gym and feel like you know what you are doing, I always recommend you read the workout before you perform it:

Triceps Pushdown with Rope

1. On the cable machine, adjust the pulley to highest point on the cable. Attach the rope to the pulley.

2. Grab the rope, tuck your elbows in and pull rope down, you start at a 90 degree position.

3. Using your triceps, extend your arms straight as the rope ends on the side of your hips. Hold it down for one second. As you are going down, make sure to exhale. 

4. Return slowly to the starting position.

 Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

close grip bench press for triceps

1. Lie back on a flat bench under the bench press machine. Hold the bar a little closer than shoulder length apart (8-12 inches). Lift the bar of the rack and this will be your starting position.

2. Keep your elbows close to the torso and start going down slowly. As you are going down, make sure that you are inhaling.

3. Pause one second down and move slowly back up to the starting position. You should be exhaling on this move and making sure that your tricep is always contracted. Repeat movement.


 Reverse Grip Triceps Pressdown

1. Start by attaching a straight bar to the cable machine and moving the adjustable pulley all the way up (the highest it can get).

2. Grab the bar from under (so that your palms are facing upward) and keep your hands shoulder length apart. Extend your arms fully by your side, and keep your elbows tuck in. This will be your starting position. 

3. Inhale as you slowly raise the bar up until is 90 degrees. Only your forearms should be moving.

4. Exhale as you slowly bring the bar back down while keeping your triceps contracted.



When working out your triceps, remember to keep your spine straight and your shoulder blades tucked in. When performing the workouts, you should never lose this position. If your shoulders begin to move forward while performing the workouts, it’s time to lower the weight.



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Ripped Monday : Back and Tricep Killer Routine With A Side Of Abs

Back And Tricep Workout Routine With A Side Of Abs

ripped back and tricep workout killer routine

One of the main concerns amongst all my male clients and close friends is how to get your back ripped. It seems as it is one of the hardest places to get definition, and one of the areas where men accumulate the most stubborn fat. I personally find that pairing my back workout with my triceps helps me achieve the best results. Below is one of my personal favorite workout routines to make sure to get that ripped back, and increase muscle mass and definition in my triceps. I usually do 4 Supersets ( 3 sets each), of three different exercises, each targeting a different muscle group.

Superset 1

10x10x8 Lat Pulldown
10x10x8 Tricep Kickback
10x10x10 Hanging Leg Raisers

Superset 2

10x10x8 Barbell Row
10x10x8 Tricep Extension with Curling Bar
10x10x10 Hanging Leg Raiser Side to Side

Superset 3

10x10x8 Rows with Dumbbell
10x10x8 Tricep Extension with Rope
10x10x10 V-Ups

Superset 4

10x10x8 Rows with Cable
10x10x8 Tricep Extensions with Cable
3x 1 min Plank

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The Ultimate Guide To Lean and Toned Legs

ultimate workout for strong lean sexy toned legs

We all want the long, slim, toned, strong looking legs that make necks break when we walk by right? But as women, we retain the fear that our hamstrings and calves are going to grow bigger than Mr.Olympia's the moment we touch that scary leg machine. Well I have news for you, it won't happen. At Fitproactive, we narrowed down for you and chose our top leg exercises that should be on every girl's gym routine (at least once a week) to  ensure you will have Karlie Kloss's legs and not Arnold's.


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 12 each set.

- Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes parallel to each other.

- Your back should be straight and chest out. Start your reps by keeping your abs tight and belly button pulled in. Move your hips back ( this will cause you to bring your butt out) bend you knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

- Throughout your movement, keep your eyes and head straight to maintain a neutral spine position.

- Drive your hips up and back to the neutral position that you started.



Sets: 3

Repetitions: 15 each set.

-Seating, the starting position should be on a 90 degree angle from your butt to your ankle.

-Keep your lower back and shoulder blades on the bench.

- Extend you leg as you exhale.

-Go down slowly back to the starting position.




Sets: 3

Repetitions: 15 each set.

-Laying down, the leg pad should fall on top of your ankle.

-Keep your back straight.

-As you're moving through you knee keep your hamstring tight. Exhale while curling up.

- Move slowly back to the starting position.




Watch this whole Nike video with a great demonstration of a perfect side lunge.

Sets: 3 on each leg.

Repetitions: 15 each set/leg

- On a standing position, keep your knees and hips slightly bent.

- Take a step to the left or right, stay low. Keep your weight  on the side that you are stepping.

-Pause at the bottom of the movement.

- Extend through the working leg back to the standing position.



Working out During Your Pregnancy Second Trimester

Exercising During Your Second Trimester


Lasttime we explained the type of workouts that you should be doing during your first trimester! As your baby grows, and everything around you is changing, so should your workouts.

The good news is that by now, you should already be feeling better, nausea and fatigue are almost gone, and your body is already used to carrying and taking care ofyour precious baby. Before you start working out, make sure you increase your warm up time to15 minutes, because now it takes longer to get your blood flow going!

Also please make sure to avoid all exercises that put pressure on your chest, that require you to lay on your back, or anything that can put extra pressure in your abdominal área. We don't want to make the baby uncomfortable!

Strength Training -You can do weights, and continue to strengthen all your muscles during your second trimester. Make sure to use less weight. Try to use less than 5 lbs dumbbells, and do small sets, and decrease your rep count.

Yoga -You can join a prenatal yoga class during you first trimester and continue on throughout your pregnancy. Yoga can help in breathing control, help strength your body (making labor and delivery easier), and help you feel relax. Keep in mind most expert recommend to stop doing yoga poses that require you to remain flat on your back by your second and third trimester to avoid back pain and other problems.

Prenatal Pilates - Prenatal Pilates classes is another thing you can join at your first trimester and do throughout your pregnancy. It helps in posture and prevents back pain, and can help speeding up the weight loss after giving birth.

Stretching- Doing stretches during your pregnancy improves blood circulation that is necessary to keep your blood pressure done. It would also help keep all your body moving, circulating the extra blood in your body reducing swelling. Your body releases a hormone call relaxin during your pregnancy that helps loosen up joints and ligaments. This gives you a greater range when stretching but be careful, don’t push yourself to go far past what you would ordinary be able to stretch to, in order to avoid injuring yourself.

Cardio - Is still perfectly fine. Prefarably stay indoors, and do not perform any high intensity training. Try walking, and indoor cycling , they are both great options to give yourself activity and minimizing risks and exposure to fumes!



Guys, Are You Taking The Right Supplements For Fat Loss?

best supplements for fat loss in men

Let’s say you have been hitting up the gym regularly, following your personal trainer or at least your online training program to the tea. You have also started eating healthier, with less fat and sugars. Overall, you are doing everything you should be doing in order to lean out and get rid of that stubborn fat. Even thought, the right routine and diet are the key components for this journey, everyone could use a little extra help from the right supplements to help you achieve your goals faster and better.

I have rounded up MY favorite list of supplements for fat loss in men. Again, this isn’t for gaining mass or building size. This list is merely intended for those individuals who want to get more definition, lean out, and get rid of extra fat around waist area. Keep in mind that a lot of brands are great at marketing, and make some awesome claims, but the reality is that since the FDA does not regulate weight loss and dietary supplements many of the industry “leaders” fill their products with corn starch, sugars, fake colorings, and actually misstate the actual contents of their supplements.

I've done some extensive research and I have compiled this list for you with what I think are the BEST, and highest quality supplements in each category.

gold standard whey protein for fat loss

1. Whey Protein: Sometimes eating crazy amounts of protein during the day is not enough for your body to absorb it right away and form the muscle tissue. This is why Whey Protein is one of the fastest absorbed forms of protein in the body. It is an absolute must have for any person trying to get in shape.

My Recommendation: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Use: Drink one whey protein shake as a snack, and immediately after your workout.

jym multivitamin for men for fat loss

2.Multivitamin for Men

Multi-Vitamins are an absolute requirement for anyone looking to supplement their diet and workouts. When you are working out constantly, drinking a lot of water, and watching what you eat, you could potentially lose a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Depending on your age range, your body requirements for multi vitamins change. I personally like the Vita Jym multivitamin, which is specifically designed for athletes and to improve  performance.

Recommendation: Vita Jym

Use: Two tablets every morning with breakfast.

casein protein gold standard for fat loss

3.Casein Protein Powder

So if you are already eating a lot of chicken and steak, drinking your whey protein, Why do you need another type of protein such as Casein? Well Casein is the preferred protein choice for those times where you will be spending long periods of time without feeding your muscles; such as sleeping. Since Casein is a slow absorbing protein (completely opposite of whey protein), it is ideal to drink at night so your body can repair torn tissue, and rebuilt muscle while you are sleeping.

Recommendation: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Use: Drink a Casein protein shake right before you go to sleep.


fish oil perfect supplement for fat loss in men

4. EFA

Our bodies do not produce essential fatty acids. They are all ingested through food like salmon, or flax seeds. But these quantities are not enough to get the full benefits of EFAs so we have to take as supplements. Some of the benefits of EFAs are protecting your heart, help in the immune system and mainly help your muscle recover faster from intense workouts. There are different types of EFAs such as Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil, or CLA. I personally take both CLA and Fish Oil.

Recommendation: Controlled Labs OxiMega Fish Oil or Muscle Farm CLA Core

Use: Take two pills a day, one in the morning and one after lunch.


Use: 5. Pre-Workout

pre workout c4 to help in fat loss

Some people call it cheating, some people call it essential. Believe what you want to believe, but not until you have tried one. I think Pre-workouts are necessary, specially when you are on a low carbohydrate diet, and definitely NEED that extra boost of energy. Be careful which one you use, as some are dangerous and give you extreme heart palpitations, itch, and even make you dizzy. I like a Pre-workout that is also a thermogenic, that way it gives me the extra energy I need, while helping me speed up my metabolism and burn fat faster.

Recommendation: C4 Ripped by Cellucor.

Use: Take the recommended dose 20 minutes before you go the gym



bpi bcaa best recovery fat loss

Lastly, but definitely not least are BCCAs. The main guys you need to know are L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, and L-Valine. Those three types of essential amino acids, are crucial in muscle recovery and help prevent muscle breakdown, which if you haven't figured it out is one of the biggest issues when trying to lose fat. Branched Amino Acids will help prevent muscle loss and help to keep your energy levels high while you are working out.

Recommendation: BPI Sports Best BCCAs     

Use: I like to drink them while at the gym.




Fasted Cardio: The Myth or The Solution For Stubborn Fat

Fasted cardio running to get rid of stubborn fat

Is Fasted Cardio, The Fat Burning Solution? 

            Fasted Cardio: people swear by it as one of the best ways to burn fat quickly. Fasted Cardio has been used by bodybuilders, celebrities, fitness trainers and ordinary people to burn their excess fat as quickly as possible for so long that people have started to believe it is the Holy Grail to losing weight. You may ask, “What is fasted cardio?” and “Is it really a great way to burn fat quickly?”

            To answer the first question, fasted cardio is usually doing a cardio workout while in a fasted state. A fasted state is a state your body enters usually after you have just woken up from a night’s sleep; when your body has used up all of its glucose and insulin levels are at their lowest. At this point, your body is more reactive to using its store fats as an energy source as opposed to carbs which it would get once you eat. If you exercise while in a fasted state, your body would resort to using your fat stores as energy for fuel thus burning more fat.

            Now the answer to the second question is where it gets tricky. There have been studies that have shown that people burn more fat while being in a fasted state than in a fed state during their exercise. It has been proven that high insulin levels interfere in your body’s ability to use fat as an energy source, and the presence of carbs increases insulin levels. If you eat, your body will respond to the food by increasing your insulin level and thus preventing you from using your store fats for energy. With this information, the answer to the question seems to be “yes” - it works as a great way to burn fat quickly. But as the old saying goes, “A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.”

            While fasted exercise on paper seems to work, it doesn’t necessarily mean it works in practice. Many people focus on the fat burning aspect during the exercise and don’t take into consideration the other elements involved after the exercise. Here are things people fail to consider in fasted cardio:

  •     Your body balances out the energy sources it uses.

o   If your body used your fat stores as a source of energy following a fasted workout, once you’ve eaten, your body will convert the extra carbs now in your body into fat cells to be stored for later use. This equalizing is counterproductive.

o   Fed high intensive exercise has a bigger after burn effect on fat than low intensity fasted exercise which results in burning fat long after you finished exercising.

  •  While exercising in a fasted state burns fat faster it also breaks down muscle faster.

o   Fat is not the only source from which your body gets energy, it also burns a bit of protein from your muscles. Fasted exercise actually breaks down twice as much protein when compared to fed exercise.

  • While your body breaks down fat to utilize, depending on the type of exercise it may not utilize it all.

o   Low intensity workouts, such as walking, done for 45 minutes to an hour is best for the most optimized fat burning. It causes your body to use all the fat broken down as energy. The drawback is that not everyone has an hour to spend after waking up to exercise before eating when they need to get to work.

o   High intensity workouts, such as HIIT workouts, may take less time and are meant to breakdown more fat cells into fatty acids. The problem is that in HIIT workouts, your body doesn’t utilize all the fats, thus causing your body to store the excess fatty acids back into your fat stores again.

Does this mean that fasted cardio doesn’t work? No. The reason you hear so much about fasted cardio is that it really does work in burning excess fats in your body. You just need to take into consideration that fasted cardio is just like any other exercise; it only works for specific situations. If you are trying to trim down a bit of stubborn fat in certain areas, fasted cardio would work. If you are trying to lose a lot of fat or are trying to build up muscles, eating before a high intensive workout would be much better. Fasted cardio would not help you drop 30 pound for the long term like fed exercise can, but it can help in trimming down on areas in your body that are hard to lose.



7 Fun Summer Activities To Keep You in Shape

New York City In The  Summer

The weather in New York is finally beautiful! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the great outdoors are calling your name. If we're honest, going to the gym sounds even more like a chore during these summer months than it did during the winter months. We're not telling you to ditch the gym. After all, weight training can't really be replaced by any other workout. However, there may be more exciting outdoor options for you to get your daily dose of cardio. We've compiled a list of the 7 best activities that can turn your necessary cardio workout into a new summer hobby. 


Kayaking is a great complement to your weight training routine as it supports both conditioning and improving your cardiovascular capacity. Paddling in a kayak ensures you get a great upper body workout. During a kayaking session, you'll engage your back, biceps, triceps, chest, and core. Do you want to make it even more challenging? Try doing distance sprints and intervals! Average Calories Burned in Hour: About 300.  




Surfing great workout summer in new york

Have you ever noticed that most male and female surfers have great bodies? What is it about surfing and body boarding that keeps them all in great shape? It's a combination of intense cardio combined with the multiple muscle groups being worked out during a surfing session. For starters, paddling works out your upper body. Next, getting on the board requires you to use most of your leg muscles. Lastly, staying on the board requires you to use all your abdominal muscles and fully engage your core to help stabilize your body. While you don't burn a lot of calories per hour (about 195), you are getting a great workout while enjoying the wonders only the ocean can provide. 


Beach Volleyball

If you are looking for an activity you can do with friends, beach volleyball is a great option. Anyone who has played volleyball on sand knows it's much harder than playing on the flat ground. Thus, your body burns many more calories on a beach. Beach volleyball works out your upper body when you have to strike the ball, and your legs while you constantly run and jump. On average, an hour of beach volleyball burns 500 calories, and it's much more exciting than using the StairMaster. Just try not to break anyone's nose with a vicious spike! 



HIIT Personal Trainer NYC Outdoors

High-Intensity Interval Training is the best way to make the most out of your exercise time. HIIT's purpose is to burn the optimal amount of calories in the least amount of time. By having small periods of rest mixed with maximal effort, your body reacts better than it does with a traditional workout. Our suggestion? Take HIIT Training Session to the park, and enjoy the breeze, the trees, and the sunshine. Not sure what you're doing? Try one of our $45 sessions with a personal trainer.  We guarantee you will break a sweat!



In-line skating or Rollerblading

woman rollerblading in line skating in central park, ny summer workout activity

Instead of going for a run, consider in-line skating or rollerblading. The intensity of a hard run is there, but the strain on your joints and muscles is not. An hour of rollerblading can burn over 600 calories! Skating can help sculpt your glutes, improve your inner thighs (famous "thigh gap"), tone up your legs and improve your mental focus. There are many places in New York City where you can skate. Try the Central Park 6 mile track or find a location close to you here 



biking long island city, ny summer workout

Is spinning class starting to get expensive? Maybe it's time to trade them in for a real outdoor cycling experience. Work out your legs, improve endurance and get a full cardio workout by cycling this summer. You can burn around 500 calories per hour cycling. Best of all, you get to enjoy the summer weather and the beautiful sights New York City has in store for you. Even if you don't want to commit to an hour of biking around the city, just hop on a Citi Bike™ and run your errands. Kill two birds with one stone by exercising and accomplishing your daily tasks. 



Swimming new york city workout summer

Swimming may just be the perfect exercise. It's low impact, so swimming is gentle on your joints while still engaging your upper and lower body muscles. It can even count as a cardiovascular activity if you are challenging yourself by timing your workout. You burn about 250 calories in 30 minutes of laps.



Get The Butt That You Have Been Dreaming About... Oh And It Comes With A Flat Stomach!

Ultimate Butt and Abs Workout

butt and abs workout squats

Yes, the summer might be coming to an end soon  but that doesn't mean you still can't have have that butt that you've been dreaming off before labor day! As a personal trainer, most of my female clients focus on the same areas: butt and abs. And continuously ask me the same question: "What can I do to get a g butt?"

Even thought, genetics do play a role in big butts and flat abs, there is nothing that strength and functional training with good healthy eating habits cannot take care off.

Below is a quick workout routing that you can implement 2 to 3 times a week if you really want to focus on that butt, and making those abs stronger.

Remember to warm up before you begin.

20 Jump Squats

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Walking Lunges

20 Reverse Crunches

20 Hip Ups

20 Plank Leg Raises

20 Sec Wall Sit

Repeat 3 times!  




20 Min In-Home Full Body Workout Routine

20min home total body workout


As the busy New Yorkers we all are, and with the hustle and bustle from the city sometimes just feels impossible to get to the gym and fit a full hour training session.  I have designed a quick 20 minute full body workout for you, that can be done right at home!


1. 10 Push-ups + Jump rope for 30 seconds + 30 Crunches

Rest for 3o seconds

2. 30 seconds Mountain Climbers + 30 Leg Raisers + 30 seconds of  Squat Jumps

Rest for 30 seconds

3. 10 Burpees+ 30 V-ups + 30 second Supermans

Rest for 30 seconds

4. 10 Push-ups + Jump rope for 30 seconds + 30 Bicycle crunches

Rest 30 seconds

5. 30 seconds Mountain Climbers + 30 Flutter Kicks + 1 minute Lounges

Rest 30 seconds

6. 10 Burpees + 1 min Plank + 30 second superman

Hope you all enjoy it, and don't blame me for being sore tomorrow!




Working Out During Your Pregnancy- First Trimester

first trimester woman hip ups workout


Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

    Having a baby is one of the most wonderful moments in any mother's life, but it can also be one of the most taxing things for your body.  During your pregnancy your body undergoes many changes to prepare it for the birth, and changes are not always comfortable . You willgain weight, probably have mood swings, your back and joints will ache, your feet will get swollen and sometimes you get nauseous and dizzy. So let’s just say it, pregnancy isn't easy. But exercising throughout your pregnancy could help prevent or lessen some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

    Just because you just became pregnant doesn’t mean that it is time to stop exercising, actually exercising during your pregnancy is extremely beneficial for you and your baby. During the course of your pregnancy you blood pressure levels with change. The first trimester your blood pressure is very low, as your body gets used to the increase of blood in the system ( now it needs to pump more blood for you and the baby). Also, progesterone levels in your body, causes the wall of blood vessels to relax making your blood pressure lower. This is the cause of dizziness and shortening of breath you experience during your pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester.  Your body is also producing an influx of estrogen and progesterone that affects your mood and emotions. Another concern of pregnant women, is the weight gain after the baby is born, and how sometimes it could be hard to get back to your pre-pregnant weight.

    Exercising if done correctly can help offset some of these problems, as well as keep you and your baby healthy. Exercising during your pregnancy will lower your blood pressure and your baby’s heart rate which is the ideal health state for a fetus. It will also help by reducing those moments of dizziness and nausea you experience. Exercising will also help strengthen you muscles to prevent the back pains and aching joints during pregnancy. And as a bonus, exercising helps by keeping you and your baby happy by releasing endorphins (natural chemicals that make you happy).

  First things to consider is that exercising while pregnant is meant to keep you fit not make you fitter. You are not meant to go for personal best when exercising while pregnant but to help keep yourself healthy and your baby safe. The question that we get the most as a personal training business is  "What type of workouts can I do while pregnant? Is it safe?" The answer to that, is it depends. It depends on which trimester you are in, and what are your fitness levels. If you have never worked out a day in your life, I don't think that during your pregnancy is the right time to become a body builder.  We have divided these articles in three parts, each targeted specifically for every trimester.

Pre-Natal Workouts-First Trimester

Pregnant women first trimester working out

During your first trimester, it is the best time to start working out if you have stopped or haven’t done so in a while. At this point you can still do most types of exercise you would ordinarily do, just refrain from any contact sport or exercises that have a big risk of your falling down or hight impact such as horse back riding, or flag football! At this stage you could begin to feel shortness of breath, and fatigue more often than before, so try not to push yourself that much; stop and relax if you are feeling dizzy or tired. Best pre-natal workouts to try on your first trimester are:

- Low impact, and low intensity workout such as power walking or light jogging.

- Weight training and Functional training is very safe, specially if you focus on low weight and high repetitions to stay toned. 

- Cycling on a stationary bicycle is a great cardio exercise as well as it avoids putting necessary strain on your joints.

-Swimming is probably the best exercise throughout your pregnancy. You will received the benefits a full body toning session, and avoid all gravity and pressure. Plus your baby will love it!

Keep in mind that at this stage, your body is still undergoing some major changes and adjustments, and it takes time for your body to adapt to this new situation. Don't push yourself to hard, and keep in mind the important thing is to keep your baby and yourself healthy, happy and ready for next stages to come. Stay tuned for second trimester tips next week!



6 Ways To Recover Faster After Your Workout

Recover Fast After Workout Foam Roller

6 Tips on Speeding up Recovering after a Workout

“No Pain No Gain” is a saying that you hear constantly at the gym when working out. While it is true that you need to push yourself to improve, and most of the time you are left sore in the process; continually doing so every day would be more harmful than beneficial to you. Not giving your body time to recover after every workout can lead to lower performance and gains in the long run. Constantly pushing yourself can eventually lead to over-training; which could increase your blood pressure, lower your immune system response, and making the recover process harder. 

Here are a few tips to help relieve your soreness and to help your body recover more efficiently and faster:

  1. Use a foam rollerWhile you get soreness from the tears in your muscles, most of them come from your muscles and fascia getting knotted. A using a foam roller to roll on your muscles can help remove these knots leaving a bit less sore to begin with.

  2. Get a massage. Nothing feels more relaxing than a massage after a long day. It is also great after an intensive workout. Massage helps remove knots in your muscles and helps increase circulation. An increase of circulation helps flush away your body’s waste products such as lactic acid that irritates your muscles.  

  3. Take a rest day. After doing a high intense workout one day, take a rest day on the next. An isometric exercise on rest days is a great way to help your body recover. Doing gentle stretching and strength-building moves would promote blood circulation in the body. This would bring the nutrients your body needs to repair itself to your muscles without stressing it more.

  4. Sleep more. Studies have already shown that sleep deprivation has a negative effect on your body’s performance and recovery. Sleep is very important for your muscles because it is the time when your body undergoes protein synthesis the most, which helps in building up stronger muscles. A good 8 to 9 hours sleep would help your body recover faster and help feel more refresh the next morning.

  5. Take a cold showerWhile you may dread a cold shower, it is helpful in helping to reduce soreness and inflammation in your body. It also improves your circulation causing your body to send blood throughout your body to help keep your organs warm. This would help in lowering your blood pressure and improving your immunity.

  6. Eat a post-workout meal. Eating after working out would insure that your body has the nutrients it needs to repair itself.  Food rich in protein, carbs and fat would give the material your body needs to help build up strong muscles and recover the torn tissue.

Working out is very important for a healthy body, but allowing your body to recover is just as important. Whether it takes one day to one week  for your body to recover, all depends on how your recovery routine is like. Insuring that your body has all the nutritiens to recover would insure your body reaps all the benefits of your strength training routine.