Recover Fast After Workout Foam Roller

6 Tips on Speeding up Recovering after a Workout

“No Pain No Gain” is a saying that you hear constantly at the gym when working out. While it is true that you need to push yourself to improve, and most of the time you are left sore in the process; continually doing so every day would be more harmful than beneficial to you. Not giving your body time to recover after every workout can lead to lower performance and gains in the long run. Constantly pushing yourself can eventually lead to over-training; which could increase your blood pressure, lower your immune system response, and making the recover process harder. 

Here are a few tips to help relieve your soreness and to help your body recover more efficiently and faster:

  1. Use a foam rollerWhile you get soreness from the tears in your muscles, most of them come from your muscles and fascia getting knotted. A using a foam roller to roll on your muscles can help remove these knots leaving a bit less sore to begin with.

  2. Get a massage. Nothing feels more relaxing than a massage after a long day. It is also great after an intensive workout. Massage helps remove knots in your muscles and helps increase circulation. An increase of circulation helps flush away your body’s waste products such as lactic acid that irritates your muscles.  

  3. Take a rest day. After doing a high intense workout one day, take a rest day on the next. An isometric exercise on rest days is a great way to help your body recover. Doing gentle stretching and strength-building moves would promote blood circulation in the body. This would bring the nutrients your body needs to repair itself to your muscles without stressing it more.

  4. Sleep more. Studies have already shown that sleep deprivation has a negative effect on your body’s performance and recovery. Sleep is very important for your muscles because it is the time when your body undergoes protein synthesis the most, which helps in building up stronger muscles. A good 8 to 9 hours sleep would help your body recover faster and help feel more refresh the next morning.

  5. Take a cold showerWhile you may dread a cold shower, it is helpful in helping to reduce soreness and inflammation in your body. It also improves your circulation causing your body to send blood throughout your body to help keep your organs warm. This would help in lowering your blood pressure and improving your immunity.

  6. Eat a post-workout meal. Eating after working out would insure that your body has the nutrients it needs to repair itself.  Food rich in protein, carbs and fat would give the material your body needs to help build up strong muscles and recover the torn tissue.

Working out is very important for a healthy body, but allowing your body to recover is just as important. Whether it takes one day to one week  for your body to recover, all depends on how your recovery routine is like. Insuring that your body has all the nutritiens to recover would insure your body reaps all the benefits of your strength training routine.