Back And Tricep Workout Routine With A Side Of Abs

ripped back and tricep workout killer routine

One of the main concerns amongst all my male clients and close friends is how to get your back ripped. It seems as it is one of the hardest places to get definition, and one of the areas where men accumulate the most stubborn fat. I personally find that pairing my back workout with my triceps helps me achieve the best results. Below is one of my personal favorite workout routines to make sure to get that ripped back, and increase muscle mass and definition in my triceps. I usually do 4 Supersets ( 3 sets each), of three different exercises, each targeting a different muscle group.

Superset 1

10x10x8 Lat Pulldown
10x10x8 Tricep Kickback
10x10x10 Hanging Leg Raisers

Superset 2

10x10x8 Barbell Row
10x10x8 Tricep Extension with Curling Bar
10x10x10 Hanging Leg Raiser Side to Side

Superset 3

10x10x8 Rows with Dumbbell
10x10x8 Tricep Extension with Rope
10x10x10 V-Ups

Superset 4

10x10x8 Rows with Cable
10x10x8 Tricep Extensions with Cable
3x 1 min Plank

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