Exercising During Your Second Trimester


Lasttime we explained the type of workouts that you should be doing during your first trimester! As your baby grows, and everything around you is changing, so should your workouts.

The good news is that by now, you should already be feeling better, nausea and fatigue are almost gone, and your body is already used to carrying and taking care ofyour precious baby. Before you start working out, make sure you increase your warm up time to15 minutes, because now it takes longer to get your blood flow going!

Also please make sure to avoid all exercises that put pressure on your chest, that require you to lay on your back, or anything that can put extra pressure in your abdominal área. We don't want to make the baby uncomfortable!

Strength Training -You can do weights, and continue to strengthen all your muscles during your second trimester. Make sure to use less weight. Try to use less than 5 lbs dumbbells, and do small sets, and decrease your rep count.

Yoga -You can join a prenatal yoga class during you first trimester and continue on throughout your pregnancy. Yoga can help in breathing control, help strength your body (making labor and delivery easier), and help you feel relax. Keep in mind most expert recommend to stop doing yoga poses that require you to remain flat on your back by your second and third trimester to avoid back pain and other problems.

Prenatal Pilates - Prenatal Pilates classes is another thing you can join at your first trimester and do throughout your pregnancy. It helps in posture and prevents back pain, and can help speeding up the weight loss after giving birth.

Stretching- Doing stretches during your pregnancy improves blood circulation that is necessary to keep your blood pressure done. It would also help keep all your body moving, circulating the extra blood in your body reducing swelling. Your body releases a hormone call relaxin during your pregnancy that helps loosen up joints and ligaments. This gives you a greater range when stretching but be careful, don’t push yourself to go far past what you would ordinary be able to stretch to, in order to avoid injuring yourself.

Cardio - Is still perfectly fine. Prefarably stay indoors, and do not perform any high intensity training. Try walking, and indoor cycling , they are both great options to give yourself activity and minimizing risks and exposure to fumes!