What Are The Real Health Benefits of Coconuts?

health benefits of coconuts


Growing up in the coast of Colombia was pretty amazing I’m not going to lie. My weekends were filled with music, laugh, sun, and lots and lots of beach. Which ultimately means fresh fruits and coconut water. And not the kind o coconut water that comes in a cute blue box with a twist off cap, but the kind where there is a machete involved and hopefully a happy ending where you can eat all tasty White coconut meat inside!

            Now, all of the sudden coconuts became part of the “trendy” fruit and vegetables list like my friend Amanda says. The water is sold packaged now, the milk is even offered at Starbucks, the chips can be found at every supermarket, and even cooking spray comes in coconut oil option. So why not look at some of the main reasons why you should incorporate coconut into your healthy lifestyle?

Coconut Oil:

Our Favorite:  Brad's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Unrefined.

The fatty acids in coconut oil (medium chain triacylglycerol) are more soluble than those in olive oil or canola oil. They are burned and used as fuel since they get faster to the liver, making it less likely to be stored as fat. By doing this, it speeds up your metabolism and you are likey to burn 15% more calories when using coconut oil.  Just make sure that is virgin coconut oil

A recent study showed that overweight people who used1-2 tbsp of the medium chain triacylglycerol oils (MCT like coconut oil) daily, lost an average of 7 pounds after 4 months. The group that used olive oil, only lost an average of 3 lbs.

Conclusion: Replace Olive oil for coconut oil to give your metabolism an extra boost!


Coconut Water:

Our Favorite: Nothing Like The Real Coconut.

Besides being absolutely delicious and refreshing, coconut water is packed with electrolytes and it has a crazy amount of potassium. Everyone knows that banana owns the potassium game, but did you know that a glass of fresh coconut water has 600mg of potassium?? That’s almost 200mg more than a banana, and it has less than half of the carbohydrates in bananas! In addition, by having simple sugars it helps your body recover its energy faster than water.

Conclusion: Switch up the banana and water (hopefully you are still not drinking those sporty sugary drinks) for a delicious glass of cold coconut water!