8 Fitness Gadgets You Need to Know About

It seems that every week a new fitness gadget or tracker is introduced into the market. By now, we’ve seen it all. Wearable technology has gone from a simple heart rate monitor to socks that measure every aspect of your body’s performance.  But which gadgets do we really NEED or at least will make a difference on how we live a healthier life? We have narrowed down the 8 top gadgets every fitness enthusiast needs to know about: 

fit bit aria scale fitness gadgets must have

1. For the Overall Fitness Aficionado -Fitbit Aria Scale: $130

We know what you’re thinking – who needs a fancy scale? Well, if you love fitness, YOU DO! Along with measuring your weight, the Fitbit Aria Scale also measures your body fat percentage. You can create different profiles for your entire household and this advanced scale syncs wirelessly to its website, where it stores your personal information and tracks your progress!


situ food scale fitness gadget must have

 2. For the Healthy Chef - Situ Scale: $120

Counting calories just became easier. This amazing food scale pairs via Bluetooth with its iPad app and weighs your food in calories & total nutrients, as well as grams and ounces. The exact nutritional value of the food you’re weighing is then sent to your iPad for you to decide if it fits with your diet. Tracking the exact nutritional value of every meal is now simpler than pouring a bowl of cereal.


skulpt measure body muscle quality fitness gadget

3. For the Science Obsessed Athlete –Skulpt: $99

Developed by doctors and engineers (think Harvard and MIT), Skulpt aims to improve its users health and fitness. Skulpt analyzes muscle tissue, quality and fat percentage by using 12 small sensors that send a very small electric current through your body and gives you the details on the composition of that particular muscle. Are you interested in learning the body fat percentage of a particular muscle group? You can, which can help you target the areas on your body that you’re struggling with the most.


 4. For the Yoga Lover- SmartMat: $347 (Usually $497)

smart mat yoga mat for yoga lovers fitness gadgets must have

How many times have you gone to a yoga group class and received zero feedback on your pose? Classes are so packed that the teacher can’t always give you the personal attention you deserve. By using sensors, SmartMat gives you real time feedback on how to correct your pose. These sensors are calibrated to your body, weight, and personal limitations the first time you use your SmartMat. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just beginning your journey, SmartMat is the ideal way for you to perfect your pose. 


hydrate me spark smater water bottle gadget

5. For the Lazy Drinker –Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle: $59

Hydration is an extremely important, yet sometimes forgotten facet to healthy living.  The Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle has a glow feature that reminds you to drink your water and syncs directly to your smartphone so you can track your hydration levels. It is beautifully designed, BPA free and dishwasher friendly. Best of all, the battery will last you for a full year. Remember to remain refreshed with the Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle. 


6. For the Home Doctor Thermo: $99


Does the idea of a thermometer make you feel nauseas? If so, we have good news for you. The Thermo is a thermometer that doesn’t require contact to body fluids. This game changing thermometer allows you to measure body temperature in only 2 seconds by simply touching your temple. It is super accurate, super hygienic & super convenient – it pairs with an app via Bluetooth where you can track temperature readings, get reminders and input related symptoms/medications right into your smartphone.


7. For the Music Lover Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones: $199

What if headphones could improve your athletic performance? These wireless in-ear headphones monitor your heartrate, while pumping out crystal-clear sound. Plus, they promise to stay in, making them ideal for an intense run. You can also pair them up with the Jabra app to keep track of all your stats and evaluate your performance, with feedback.



8. For the Fitness Tracker – FitBit Blaze: $199.95

This smart watch measures your heart rate, can connect to GPS on your phone, has 5 day battery life and all your basic tracking essentials. You’ll also receive phone and text notifications. Aside from the great price point, however, what makes the FitBit Blaze different from the Apple Watch? The answer is its ability to sync with its amazing fitness app and the access you get to their FitStar on screen workouts.


Honorable Gadget Mentions: Fitbit AltaApple WatchLEVLGymWatch






Time Is Money: How To Buy More Free Time

how to buy more free time

As parents, family members, partners, friends, employees, volunteers, and Netflix subscribers, many of us feel stretched to our limit, and I’m not talking about yoga here. Who has the time to work out when a new season of Breaking Bad was just released for your binge watching pleasure? Oh, that happened like two years ago? See, I can’t even keep up with that…

In any case, time is what many busy people wish they had more of. Picking the brain of the over-scheduled masses, I’ve boiled down for you the best strategies to DOING MORE with the time you have. That is, doing more in your 6-8 hours that most of us have when we aren’t sleeping or working, and making that time work for your health and fitness.

1.    Multitask

This is sometimes seen as a big “no-no”, but as a busy person I can’t live without multitasking! Now, I don’t mean reading your kids bedtime stories while working on that financial report you HAVE to finish, or cooking while taking your dog for a walk (not sure that is even a thing…), but I DO mean being strategic. Here are some ideas:

·      Work out with a friend and tag on an extra 20 minutes for post-workout recovery beverages – you save all the commute time, enjoy your workout, and socialize

·      Watch your guilty pleasure TV shows while you meal prep and clean up – I got through seven seasons of Nurse Jackie in the last month while doing breakfasts and dinners (28 hours in 31 days)

·      Combine errands and appointments to the greatest extent possible, especially if you have family members you are responsible for – it is well worth the time to reschedule and sync up appointments and save yourself the commuting, parking, and schlepping time!

2.    Outsource and cut back

There are many ways to outsource tasks or lighten your load. Can you afford a housekeeper once in a while – awesome! You just bought yourself some time. Can you NOT afford a housekeeper once in a while – awesome! Just clean less often and you bought yourself some time. I kid, but when practical and affordable, outsourcing or even trading tasks with friends is one way to use your time more efficiently.

·      What can you afford to have other people do for you? If there is a task you really don’t enjoy and have the means to hire someone else once in a while, this is a great way to literally trade your money to get more time. I love this calculator as a starting point to think about how much your hour is worth.

·      Grocery delivery – I’m not kidding! Many metro areas have an abundance of options for grocery delivery or in-store pickup. This is sometime free for your first order, and may be an affordable way to get only what you need without stepping foot in the store. If you are like me,  the $10 you would have spent on sea-salt caramel chocolate bars in the checkout line may cover the cost of the delivery itself (not to mention, avoiding all that unnecessary sugar)!

·      Can’t afford another nickel? Skillshare! If you are partnered up or have roomates (large or small), divide and conquer meal preparation and chores. There are many great apps to help track and assign chores, and many (see Chore Monster) will bring the kid in you.

·      Get a free fitness buddy, hire a personal trainer, sign up for online personal training or join a group fitness class – this really depends on your personal preference. If you are trying to amp up your fitness and are currently, say, walking an hour on the treadmill 3 days per week, the answer is not simply walking more (although of course, it doesn’t hurt). If you are strapped for time you need to think about efficiency (more work in less time) rather than just slogging away on that spinning belt of boredom. Do you have an awesome friend who loves to yell motivating things at you? Get her to do that! Are you motivated by the fun and camaraderie of a group class? Find one that fits your interests! Do you need someone to keep you accountable and push you to improve? Look into a personal trainer or health coach!

·      Just say no – when there are things you don’t like to do and don’t need to do, consider saying “no”. No, you don’t have to learn to knit today, or redecorate your entire house, or detail your car. No, you don’t have to make all organic homemade individually decorated cupcakes for your kid’s birthday party with eggs from your own hens. More power to you if this is what you enjoy, but if it adds stress to your life, and sucks up your time, then try to let it go.

3.    Have fun!

·      Plan your social calendar ahead of time – I am an obsessive user of Google calendar. If it is not on there, it does not happen. I LOVE planning social activities ahead of time, because it lets me also plan my workouts and meal preparation accordingly. Going out with your girlfriends and eating olives from their martinis is depressing (and you’re a mooch). If I have plans to go out for dinner, I take it easy on the pancakes and maybe squeeze in some extra cardio so I can feel good about indulging a little. If my plans are to go for a hike or a run with a friend, then maybe that night I will make the mac and cheese I’ve been CRAVING.

·      Get out and try new things – this may be a repeat of what I’ve already said, but combining exciting activities with friends means you have achieved the trifecta of being fit and enjoying life – new experiences, socialization, and exercise! So many ideas here, but I particularly love finding a new scenic bike route, a hike, or a new fitness class. You can find something for any budget!

4.    Prioritize

This is the most important – what I suggest here may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you enjoy your vegetative TV watching time on the couch doing nothing else. That’s fine (in moderation)! Or, perhaps you enjoy grocery shopping, or learning new crafts, or whatever. The point is, take an inventory of your time and commitments, and see where you can cut back and streamline, and use that time to focus on what is MOST important: a healthy life for you and your loved ones.



*About the author: Megan is a PhD student interested in environmental engineering and policy, and has a background in mechanical and systems engineering. She is a two-time applicant to NASAs astronaut program, which proves that childhood dreams can turn into adult delusions, er, aspirations. Having done races from 800 m to the Boston Marathon, and trying nearly every fitness class from aerobics to Zumba, she most enjoys dancing around the living room with her toddler and husband to clean versions of inappropriate electronic dance music. 



Why You Should Stick To Your New Years Resolution


So we all made our list of New Year’s resolutions and they all look pretty similar. Choosing a hobby, eating healthier, and learning a new language are among the most common ones I hear every year. Why do we wait until the New Year to change? Why do we wait to start our diets until it’s Monday?

We all like to have a fresh start. We believe that when January 1st hits, everything gets deleted and we get a chance to have a fresh start: no judgment, we are finally going get it right this time!  Some of us we need that extra push of the clean start, but for some it’s just to justify our change in behavior for a month or so before we fall back into our old comfortable routines.

It’s the third week of the New Year and sadly by now I see many people starting to slack off with their resolutions. The gyms are less crowded and I see the pizza delivery guy more often in the elevator.

We all need the reminder of the reason why we committed to this resolution in the first place, and why you shouldn’t give up on getting the body and healthy lifestyle you want in 2016.


1.    Because You WILL Have More Energy And In Turn Feel Better

I know it is hard to believe that by spending more energy (we all know we BARELY have any left) you will feel more energized, but it’s a fact! Working out and exercising regularly has shown to increase energy levels and fight fatigue on those with a sedentary lifestyle in studies over and over again.

Think about your body being asleep. Sometimes it needs a boost inside, it needs to get that blood circulating, that metabolism going and the energy pumping! Next time you are feeling down or without energy, just find enough energy to put on your sneakers and go for a short walk you will see just how revitalizing it could be.

ace ventura  lose weight new year resolution

2.    Because You WILL Be Healthier

Don’t you want to be one of those people that say “I just live a healthy lifestyle and care about what I put in my body”? Ok maybe you don’t want to be one of those people but you do want to be active, able to play with your dog, go for a run at the beach, or go hiking with your friends without feeling as if you’re about to faint within the first 5 minutes.

You do want to be the star patient that goes in for a checkup and comes out with perfect sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and all those evil things they check you up for. All jokes aside, our exercise and eating habits from today really will have an impact on our health in five or ten years. You don’t want to be in blood pressure medicine, high cholesterol medicine, insulin in your early fifties, so if you can prevent some of that from happening by making small changes today, why not?

rating healthy personal trainer

3.    Because You WILL Look Better

I don’t think looking better should be your number one reason, but hey if I get to be happier, AND healthier, why not look better? You will start seeing how your body transforms after changing your diet and exercise routine. It will look more toned, stronger, and ready to tackle summer 2016. My suggestion? Take pictures every week (store them in your email if you are worried about anyone finding them) and you will slowly begin to see and track your progress week after week.

One of the main reasons people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions is because they don’t see immediate results. We often forget what we started with and we narrow our focus only on what is NOT happening at the moment. I find that my best motivation, is a better version of myself, so keep those old pictures nearby they will come in handy when you feel like giving up.

look hot new body new years resolution

4.    Because It’s Only Been Three Weeks

Technically it’s only been two and a half weeks and that is definitely not enough time for your body to adjust and adapt to change! Remember that everything takes time and this should not be a short-term goal, but a lifestyle change. It’s not easy to change your life around, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for having small fallbacks.

What matters is that you recognize that this is a major change in your life and everyday is a small victory! But giving up on your goal now, is not fair to you or to your body.  That wish to give up now is only the soreness, which is the less fun part! Stick to it for eight weeks, and I promise that it will become less hard, then even better, and finally it will become a habit. You will feel strong, you will go up the stairs faster and you will sleep better.  You will hardly remember your drowsy, tired life you used to live before.

lose weight in new york city personal trainer

5.    Because You Will Finally Accomplish This New Year’s Resolution In 2016!

How many years have you been writing the same resolution? Be honest. About 7? More? Finally, this once you can cross it off your list and in 2017 you can focus on things that really matter like learning calligraphy and how to make your own soy wax candles.


And ultimately because you don’t want 2016 to end like this…




Is Drinking Really Making That Much Of A Difference On Your Diet?

alcohol make you fat or gain weight

One of the biggest dilemma’s that all my friends go through while trying to lose weight is giving up on their drinking. Drinking its just a part of everyone’s social life and you should NOT sacrificeyour social activities to be able to live a healthy life. The key is moderation. But before we get into what should we drink, lets look at how alcohol works to really understand how it could affect or weight loss journey.

You already know that there are three types of macronutrients: Proteins, Carbs, and Fats, and that we need all of them in order to stay healthy. Well alcohol doesnt belong to any of those groups, the reason it doesn't its because when alcohol (etanol) is made, it actually has Little to no nutritional calorie, and thats why its said that alcohol has “empty calories”. They are called empty not because they dont count, but because they are absolutely useless to your body. Being that said, alcohol is still a big contributor to calorie intake, it is actually equivalent to 7 calories per gram of alcohol ingested.

What really happens in our bodies after we consume alcohol?

When alcohol enters your body, it goes through this little path, ends up in your small intestine and the goes straight to your liver because thats where the enzymes are that help metabolize (converting what eat into energy) alcohol. Now what else is metabolized in the liver? Fat. Carbs. Proteins. 

The body is very smart and detects this empty calories and toxins and realices that it needs to get rid of them fast. Alcohol becomes the priority.

So whats the problem if its usingthose calories it as energy? 

Well, if you eat more calories than you are burning (which most likely you will on a night out), your body will store the excess as fat. By the time your body is done using all those drinks as energy, it might not get to using those food calories and therefore those will get stored as fat. It all comes down to the amount of calories ingested, and since alcohol drinks are high in calories, your total expenditure is probably less than that ingested- ending up in weight gain. In addition, alcohol makes you hungry! It is actually scientifically shown that alcohol increases your appetite by spressing leptine  (the hormone that tells your brain to stop eating!)Thats why everytime you go out drinking, you end up at the neighborhood pizza joint getting in those extra pounds! A study in the UK actually showed that on average women consume over 1,000 calories on alcohol ALONE. Now, add those pizza slices.

What we recommend?

1. Eat before you drink. Eating a healthy meal, rich in protein, veggies and fats before drinking, will make your alcohol absorption slower.

2. Limit yourself. Two drinks a night is enough to get you buzz going and not make a huge impact on your diet plan. 

3. Go for lower calorie options... this means No Margaritas! The best options are vodka soda with lime, red wine, champagne. Also, the fizz in soda and champagne will make you fuller, and hopefully you will drink less.

Below is an amazing info graphic that should help you find the "healthiest" drink option.



How To Avoid Post Workout Breakous

Is Working Out Making You Break Out?

how to avoid post work out breakouts acne pimple

So you have consistently been working out and dedicating time to your body, but all of the sudden it's your face that you have to worry about. Is all the sweating causing you to breakout? 

There is nothing worse than dealing with face breakouts. They are embarrassing, draw unnecessary attention to your face, and make you feel less confident. And apparently, they seem to go hand in hand with the workout routine. The more you workout, the more breakouts you get.

The reason why you breakout after a workout is because the sweat, combined with facial oils, dead skin and other bacteria from the surroundings cause the pores in your face to clog and irritate causing a breakout. The best way is to prevent this type of breakout is by taking the necessary precautions before and after your workout routine to ensure you get the full benefits of a workout and enjoy that healthy gym glow!

break out from sweat ole henriksen wipes

1. Clean your face BEFORE you workout.  This step is key to ensuring your pores are open and ready to eliminate all the toxins through sweat. You can use a cleansing towelette like Ole Henriksen  to remove moisturizer, oils, or any makeup before you start your routine.


2. Pat with a towel, do NOT rub! Of course you are making sure to dry your face constantly with a clean towel, but do not rub your face. You should always pat the sweat away from your face delicately with a towel. Rubbing an abrasive towel on your face causes irritation and inflammation of your skin, leading to breakouts.

3. Wipe down equipment! Best way to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading? Wiping it off. Make sure  you wipe off the treadmill, machine or any other equipment you are using with a disinfectant wipe before you get on.

4. Cleanse your face IMMEDIATELY after working out. So now that all the toxins are finally out, are you going to let them hang out on your face? NO! The first thing you should do after an intensive cardio session is to wash off those toxins from your face with a gel like cleanser (they are lighter!)

cloros wipes avoid break outs from sweat working out

5. Keep Hands (and Cellphone) Off! And I mean it. From everywhere! Do not touch your face while you are working out. Your hands carry so much bacteria because they touch everything, and since your pores are open during a workout they are extra sensitive to any bacteria. Please make sure you clean your hands and avoid touching your face. While you are working out, you have your headphones on, your cell phone in one hand texting away, and are picking up weights with the other. According to a Stanford study, your phone has 18x more bacteria on it than a men’s restroom toilet handle. Now that is disgusting. Imagine all the germs and bacteria you pick up from those weights and machines that never get disinfected, that then travel to your hand, and then travel to your face after you use your phone? That’s where those cheeks pimples are coming from! Next time, try using Clorox or Lysol wipes to regularly disinfect your phone. Or try speaking on a Bluetooth device (Do people even use those anymore? Speakerphone?) I don't know people, just think twice before the next time you put your dirty phone on your face.


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Is The Nike Clearance Store Really Worth The Trip?

Nike Clearance Store Flushing NYC Entrance

Let's be honest, Nike is one of the hottest, if not THE hottest brand for activewear. They are constantly innovating in technology and style, which makes them trendy but yet comfortable. Their activewear is always made with the best breathable fabrics, perfect for every type of workout. Unfortunately, all those benefits usually come with a pricey tag. Nike's activewear and sneakers usually range from $80-$250 and it's rarely discounted (if not sold out), so any discount one can get is definitely appreciated. That's why New Yorkers wait to stock up on basics when they go to Woodbury Commons Outlets or the different outlets in New Jersey. Nike's Factory Store is pretty decent but is always packed with tourists, and of course options are VERY limited. But hey, at least you save about 25% off retail price.

This year on April 2nd, Nike opened its first Nike Clearance Store in New York City! What does this mean? 15,000 sq/ft of EVEN MORE reduced sneakers and clothes. We decided to go check it out and let you know if it's worth the trip.

How to get there? 

Nike Clearance Store is located at 40-24 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY. From Manhattan: You can easily take the 7 train towards Queens, get off at Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave. Walk to the 7 train towards Flushing-Main St, and get off at Flushing-Main St. It is only five minutes away from the train station. It's about a 40 min subway ride but if that seems too long, you can always Uber it or grab a Zipcar and save yourself some time if the traffic is light.

What to expect?

The place is gigantic but surprisingly enough, it's pretty well organized. Both men and women's sections are large and have a large variety of activewear. You can find anything from pants and shorts, to tank tops and windbreakers. Unfortunately, the sizes are sometimes limited as the popular sizes go first. The biggest selection we found was for sizes large and extra-large, so if that's your size, you're in luck. 

There are a lot of employees working at this outlet  and they're all EXTREMELY nice and helpful! They immediately offer to help you find a size, or see if they have any other color options for what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a particular pair of sneakers and there's only ONE pair left,  in some cases you can order them online and they will be delivered to you. The sneaker selection is VERY good. You can find casual sneakers, running sneakers, and training sneakers, and all for at least 40% off.


Most sneakers range from $39.99-$100. At this price, you can find Flyknit sneakers that are still listed on the Nike website at full price with a 50% discount! Clothing for men and women can be found with discounts from 30%-65% off.

So is it worth it?

If you don't mind the trip, and have the extra time to go through everything, then it is absolutely worth it! We saved approximately $400 on things that we already wanted that are currently available at Expect to do a lot of browsing, and get at least two pair of sneakers! The worst that can happen is you don't find anything, but at least you'll have a fun trip, filled with the best dim sum and bubble tea. After all, it is in Flushing.













Average Prices

Men's Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Running Sneaker $64.99 ( MSRP $120)

Women's Lunarlon Flyknit Running Sneaker $74.99 (MSRP $150)

Women's Sports Bra $14.99 (MSRP $55)

Men's Lightweight Hyper Elite Vest $29.99 (MSRP $80)

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The Best Men's Gym Bags To Step Up Your Style Game

most stylish men gyms bag faashion

It's Time To Step Up Your Gym  Game

Now days, going to the gym is a whole experience. People have adopted the healthy lifestyle, and as part of a lifestyle it incorporates look, feel, and style. For men, one of the most important gym gear is the bag. It is very hard to find the perfect gym bag. it has to be light enough, since you are going to be carrying it to and from work. It has to be stylish enough so you don't look like a fool carrying it around in a suit. It has to be big enough to keep your change of clothes and toiletries because who doesn't take a shower after the gym? and on top of that it has to match your style and personality.

We have rounded the most fashion forward and practical gym bags for men that will definitely help you step up your gym game and keep you motivated.

1.  Herschel Novel Duffle Bag


What We Love ? Their Signature Shoe Compartment Makes It The Perfect Gym Bag for Before/After Work.


2.  Nike Eugene Duffle Bag


What We Love? Ultra light, Foldable, Waterproof and Extremely Stylish




3. Park Sudbury Gym Bag


What We Love? This is The Ultimate Swag Gym Bag. Rich Leather, Their Signature Crest, Adjustable Straps for Mats, Interior Pockets. One Word: Luxury



4. Kill Spencer  Overnight Duffle


What We Love?  They are Made in USA, Super Spacious, and Can Be Monogrammed




5. Jimbag Camel & Black Duffle

$ 80

What We Love? This UK Brand Designed the Perfect Affordable and Fashionable Gym Bag, and It's 100% Cotton so Its Washable!





6. Y-3 Qasa Gym Bag


What We Love? Everything.





y3 qasa gym bag men