It seems that every week a new fitness gadget or tracker is introduced into the market. By now, we’ve seen it all. Wearable technology has gone from a simple heart rate monitor to socks that measure every aspect of your body’s performance.  But which gadgets do we really NEED or at least will make a difference on how we live a healthier life? We have narrowed down the 8 top gadgets every fitness enthusiast needs to know about: 

fit bit aria scale fitness gadgets must have

1. For the Overall Fitness Aficionado -Fitbit Aria Scale: $130

We know what you’re thinking – who needs a fancy scale? Well, if you love fitness, YOU DO! Along with measuring your weight, the Fitbit Aria Scale also measures your body fat percentage. You can create different profiles for your entire household and this advanced scale syncs wirelessly to its website, where it stores your personal information and tracks your progress!


situ food scale fitness gadget must have

 2. For the Healthy Chef - Situ Scale: $120

Counting calories just became easier. This amazing food scale pairs via Bluetooth with its iPad app and weighs your food in calories & total nutrients, as well as grams and ounces. The exact nutritional value of the food you’re weighing is then sent to your iPad for you to decide if it fits with your diet. Tracking the exact nutritional value of every meal is now simpler than pouring a bowl of cereal.


skulpt measure body muscle quality fitness gadget

3. For the Science Obsessed Athlete –Skulpt: $99

Developed by doctors and engineers (think Harvard and MIT), Skulpt aims to improve its users health and fitness. Skulpt analyzes muscle tissue, quality and fat percentage by using 12 small sensors that send a very small electric current through your body and gives you the details on the composition of that particular muscle. Are you interested in learning the body fat percentage of a particular muscle group? You can, which can help you target the areas on your body that you’re struggling with the most.


 4. For the Yoga Lover- SmartMat: $347 (Usually $497)

smart mat yoga mat for yoga lovers fitness gadgets must have

How many times have you gone to a yoga group class and received zero feedback on your pose? Classes are so packed that the teacher can’t always give you the personal attention you deserve. By using sensors, SmartMat gives you real time feedback on how to correct your pose. These sensors are calibrated to your body, weight, and personal limitations the first time you use your SmartMat. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just beginning your journey, SmartMat is the ideal way for you to perfect your pose. 


hydrate me spark smater water bottle gadget

5. For the Lazy Drinker –Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle: $59

Hydration is an extremely important, yet sometimes forgotten facet to healthy living.  The Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle has a glow feature that reminds you to drink your water and syncs directly to your smartphone so you can track your hydration levels. It is beautifully designed, BPA free and dishwasher friendly. Best of all, the battery will last you for a full year. Remember to remain refreshed with the Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle. 


6. For the Home Doctor Thermo: $99


Does the idea of a thermometer make you feel nauseas? If so, we have good news for you. The Thermo is a thermometer that doesn’t require contact to body fluids. This game changing thermometer allows you to measure body temperature in only 2 seconds by simply touching your temple. It is super accurate, super hygienic & super convenient – it pairs with an app via Bluetooth where you can track temperature readings, get reminders and input related symptoms/medications right into your smartphone.


7. For the Music Lover Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones: $199

What if headphones could improve your athletic performance? These wireless in-ear headphones monitor your heartrate, while pumping out crystal-clear sound. Plus, they promise to stay in, making them ideal for an intense run. You can also pair them up with the Jabra app to keep track of all your stats and evaluate your performance, with feedback.



8. For the Fitness Tracker – FitBit Blaze: $199.95

This smart watch measures your heart rate, can connect to GPS on your phone, has 5 day battery life and all your basic tracking essentials. You’ll also receive phone and text notifications. Aside from the great price point, however, what makes the FitBit Blaze different from the Apple Watch? The answer is its ability to sync with its amazing fitness app and the access you get to their FitStar on screen workouts.


Honorable Gadget Mentions: Fitbit AltaApple WatchLEVLGymWatch