Is Working Out Making You Break Out?

how to avoid post work out breakouts acne pimple

So you have consistently been working out and dedicating time to your body, but all of the sudden it's your face that you have to worry about. Is all the sweating causing you to breakout? 

There is nothing worse than dealing with face breakouts. They are embarrassing, draw unnecessary attention to your face, and make you feel less confident. And apparently, they seem to go hand in hand with the workout routine. The more you workout, the more breakouts you get.

The reason why you breakout after a workout is because the sweat, combined with facial oils, dead skin and other bacteria from the surroundings cause the pores in your face to clog and irritate causing a breakout. The best way is to prevent this type of breakout is by taking the necessary precautions before and after your workout routine to ensure you get the full benefits of a workout and enjoy that healthy gym glow!

break out from sweat ole henriksen wipes

1. Clean your face BEFORE you workout.  This step is key to ensuring your pores are open and ready to eliminate all the toxins through sweat. You can use a cleansing towelette like Ole Henriksen  to remove moisturizer, oils, or any makeup before you start your routine.


2. Pat with a towel, do NOT rub! Of course you are making sure to dry your face constantly with a clean towel, but do not rub your face. You should always pat the sweat away from your face delicately with a towel. Rubbing an abrasive towel on your face causes irritation and inflammation of your skin, leading to breakouts.

3. Wipe down equipment! Best way to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading? Wiping it off. Make sure  you wipe off the treadmill, machine or any other equipment you are using with a disinfectant wipe before you get on.

4. Cleanse your face IMMEDIATELY after working out. So now that all the toxins are finally out, are you going to let them hang out on your face? NO! The first thing you should do after an intensive cardio session is to wash off those toxins from your face with a gel like cleanser (they are lighter!)

cloros wipes avoid break outs from sweat working out

5. Keep Hands (and Cellphone) Off! And I mean it. From everywhere! Do not touch your face while you are working out. Your hands carry so much bacteria because they touch everything, and since your pores are open during a workout they are extra sensitive to any bacteria. Please make sure you clean your hands and avoid touching your face. While you are working out, you have your headphones on, your cell phone in one hand texting away, and are picking up weights with the other. According to a Stanford study, your phone has 18x more bacteria on it than a men’s restroom toilet handle. Now that is disgusting. Imagine all the germs and bacteria you pick up from those weights and machines that never get disinfected, that then travel to your hand, and then travel to your face after you use your phone? That’s where those cheeks pimples are coming from! Next time, try using Clorox or Lysol wipes to regularly disinfect your phone. Or try speaking on a Bluetooth device (Do people even use those anymore? Speakerphone?) I don't know people, just think twice before the next time you put your dirty phone on your face.