So we all made our list of New Year’s resolutions and they all look pretty similar. Choosing a hobby, eating healthier, and learning a new language are among the most common ones I hear every year. Why do we wait until the New Year to change? Why do we wait to start our diets until it’s Monday?

We all like to have a fresh start. We believe that when January 1st hits, everything gets deleted and we get a chance to have a fresh start: no judgment, we are finally going get it right this time!  Some of us we need that extra push of the clean start, but for some it’s just to justify our change in behavior for a month or so before we fall back into our old comfortable routines.

It’s the third week of the New Year and sadly by now I see many people starting to slack off with their resolutions. The gyms are less crowded and I see the pizza delivery guy more often in the elevator.

We all need the reminder of the reason why we committed to this resolution in the first place, and why you shouldn’t give up on getting the body and healthy lifestyle you want in 2016.


1.    Because You WILL Have More Energy And In Turn Feel Better

I know it is hard to believe that by spending more energy (we all know we BARELY have any left) you will feel more energized, but it’s a fact! Working out and exercising regularly has shown to increase energy levels and fight fatigue on those with a sedentary lifestyle in studies over and over again.

Think about your body being asleep. Sometimes it needs a boost inside, it needs to get that blood circulating, that metabolism going and the energy pumping! Next time you are feeling down or without energy, just find enough energy to put on your sneakers and go for a short walk you will see just how revitalizing it could be.

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2.    Because You WILL Be Healthier

Don’t you want to be one of those people that say “I just live a healthy lifestyle and care about what I put in my body”? Ok maybe you don’t want to be one of those people but you do want to be active, able to play with your dog, go for a run at the beach, or go hiking with your friends without feeling as if you’re about to faint within the first 5 minutes.

You do want to be the star patient that goes in for a checkup and comes out with perfect sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and all those evil things they check you up for. All jokes aside, our exercise and eating habits from today really will have an impact on our health in five or ten years. You don’t want to be in blood pressure medicine, high cholesterol medicine, insulin in your early fifties, so if you can prevent some of that from happening by making small changes today, why not?

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3.    Because You WILL Look Better

I don’t think looking better should be your number one reason, but hey if I get to be happier, AND healthier, why not look better? You will start seeing how your body transforms after changing your diet and exercise routine. It will look more toned, stronger, and ready to tackle summer 2016. My suggestion? Take pictures every week (store them in your email if you are worried about anyone finding them) and you will slowly begin to see and track your progress week after week.

One of the main reasons people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions is because they don’t see immediate results. We often forget what we started with and we narrow our focus only on what is NOT happening at the moment. I find that my best motivation, is a better version of myself, so keep those old pictures nearby they will come in handy when you feel like giving up.

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4.    Because It’s Only Been Three Weeks

Technically it’s only been two and a half weeks and that is definitely not enough time for your body to adjust and adapt to change! Remember that everything takes time and this should not be a short-term goal, but a lifestyle change. It’s not easy to change your life around, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for having small fallbacks.

What matters is that you recognize that this is a major change in your life and everyday is a small victory! But giving up on your goal now, is not fair to you or to your body.  That wish to give up now is only the soreness, which is the less fun part! Stick to it for eight weeks, and I promise that it will become less hard, then even better, and finally it will become a habit. You will feel strong, you will go up the stairs faster and you will sleep better.  You will hardly remember your drowsy, tired life you used to live before.

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5.    Because You Will Finally Accomplish This New Year’s Resolution In 2016!

How many years have you been writing the same resolution? Be honest. About 7? More? Finally, this once you can cross it off your list and in 2017 you can focus on things that really matter like learning calligraphy and how to make your own soy wax candles.


And ultimately because you don’t want 2016 to end like this…